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DeckWright Inserts

Slippery decking? Use our anti-slip decking inserts to reduce the risk.

Commercial & domestic

Tested & Approved

Cut with Standard Tools

5 year warranty

DeckWright Inserts explained

DeckWright Inserts offer a robust anti-slip decking solution once and for all, even when deck boards are wet. Suitable for garden decking and commercial projects, DeckWright Inserts fix into the grooves of timber decking with a specially formulated adhesive and provide a reassuring grip to reduce the risk of injury.

If used for a commercial project in high traffic areas, then additional fixing maybe required.

Easily cut to length with standard tools, DeckWright Inserts offer an effective non-slip decking insert for full timber deck areas or simply steps and walkways; wherever you wish to benefit from anti-slip decking. Quick to apply, they are a long-lasting, tested and approved solution. Enjoy your outdoor decking, whatever the weather.

How do non-slip decking inserts work?

Uniquely developed to create a professional anti-slip decking product, DeckWright Inserts comprise a universally shaped plastic T bar that holds a resin and aggregate formulation. When fixed into a deck board groove using the specially formulated adhesive, the insert sits a little proud of the timber deck and provides a reassuring grip. It is usual to apply DeckWright Inserts to two grooves in each decking board for maximum effectiveness. Fully tested and approved to offer “highly anti-slip decking”, DeckWright Inserts are suitable for both commercial and garden decking projects, providing a robust and attractive solution for non-slip decking inserts, with long-lasting results. All DeckWright is sold with a five year warranty. For terms and conditions please click here.

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Where can I use DeckWright Inserts?

DeckWright Inserts can be used in a wide variety of locations; both heavy traffic areas and garden decking situations. Wherever there is timber decking that poses a hazard when wet, DeckWright Inserts can reduce the risk and transform it into non-slip decking. From visitor attraction walkways to holiday parks, schools, bars and restaurants, DeckWright Inserts are a robust solution to slippery decking; even for domestic projects. Wherever DeckWright Inserts are installed to create anti-slip decking, the risk of injury will be significantly reduced.

If used for a commercial project in high traffic areas, then additional fixing maybe required.

How many non-slip decking inserts do I need?

You can use our DeckWright calculator to calculate how many DeckWright Inserts you would require for your project.

Alternatively we can help you to determine how many linear metres of DeckWright Inserts you would require for your project. Here’s a useful method to quickly get yourself to that figure:

  1. Determine what area you wish to cover (ideally in square metres)
  2. Determine how many grooves you wish to anti-slip in each decking board (two is standard)
  3. Establish how many deck boards cover a metre (let’s assume eight)

Square metres x number of boards in a metre x number of grooves to anti-slip = total linear metres e.g: 10 square metres x 8 boards in a metre x 2 grooves = 160 linear metres Note: remember that DeckWright Inserts are supplied in one metre lengths when doing your calculations. If you need any help determining how many DeckWright Inserts you need, please get in touch.

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How do I install DeckWright Inserts?

Firstly, view our installation guide pdf. It’s a very simple, three step process. Firstly, ensure that your timber decking is clean and dry to touch. If you are fixing them to older decking, clean off any debris with a brush or pressure washer if necessary. Supplied in one metre lengths, standard tools can cut DeckWright Inserts to specific lengths as required. Decide on the grooves that you wish to fix the non-slip decking inserts to and working in stages, apply a small bead of DeckWright Adhesive (view our Safety Data Sheet) into the first groove. Press the insert into the groove and hold firm for a minute. Allow to dry fully before placing anything on the decking. Once complete, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with anti-slip decking.

If used for a commercial project in high traffic areas, then additional fixing maybe required.


Can I customise the colour of my anti-slip decking?

Yes you can! Our standard colour for DeckWright Inserts is Granite Grey and this is what you will find in our 25 metre kit – designed to provide a subtle addition to the natural character of the timber deck. However, there are times when you might wish to highlight this important safety enhancement more prominently or perhaps coordinate your anti-slip decking inserts with a particular colour-scheme. Pillar Box Red, Bright Yellow and Cobalt Blue are available in 250 metre bulk boxes to buy online. Further colours are available on a bespoke basis depending on quantity. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

Where can I buy DeckWright Inserts?

Once you’ve decided to use DeckWright Inserts for your anti-slip decking project, you’ll want to buy your desired quantity as quickly as possible. You can do so by placing an online order with us today or by visiting one of our many stockists throughout the UK. Our website sells the familiar 25 metre kit in addition to 250 metre bulk boxes in a variety of colours. You will be able to buy the 25 metre kit from most of our stockists and many will be happy to order 250 metre bulk boxes for you, in addition to the DeckWright Adhesive that you require (the 25 metre kit contains the correct amount of adhesive). If you are located overseas, please contact us directly to see if we can help you.

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