How anti-slip decking boards work

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You might have heard about anti-slip decking boards as an option for timber decking, but do you know exactly what they are and how they work – reducing the risk of slipping? With any luck, by the time you’ve read this, you’ll have a much better idea and be able to make a more informed choice for your forthcoming decking project.

Stop the slips

Timber decking can look fantastic as an outdoor surface. And if the timber has been treated correctly and sufficiently for the location of the installation, it can last for a very long time.

What is often overlooked is the risk of timber decking becoming slippery. This can be the case when it becomes wet (a summer downpour perhaps or a heavy dew) or when there is a build-up of debris or dirt. A shading corner of the decking can quickly attract moss and debris, resulting in a slippery situation.

To reduce the risk of slipping on decking, perhaps the most robust solution is to choose anti-slip decking boards – it’s certainly the professional choice and what many commercial projects will opt for these days.

How are they anti-slip?

Taking DeckWright Anti-Slip as an example, a special formulation of resin and aggregate is placed into the necessary grooves of the deck board – we would generally recommend two grooves per standard board. This carefully developed anti-slip enhancement is extremely hard-wearing and will not diminish in its effectiveness over time – it is designed to last for the lifetime of the decking.

Sitting slightly proud of the timber, this anti-slip enhancement provides a reassuring grip for those that walk (or run) over the timber decking, thus significantly reducing the risk of slipping.

Do they work?

DeckWright certainly works. Fully tested and approved by the Health and Safety Laboratory in Buxton, it scored a PTV of 71 when tested with the Pendulum Slip Test (a minimum of 35 is required to be described as “anti-slip”). DeckWright is therefore a “highly anti-slip” decking board, suitable for both commercial and domestic traffic.

Are they easy to fit?

Anti-slip decking boards that are DeckWright branded can be cut easily with standard tools. This is a significant benefit that can save time and money. We would recommend that you cut them upside down, cutting through the anti-slip material last. Aside from this, installing DeckWright boards is no different to any other timber decking board.

Where can I buy them?

You can buy anti-slip decking boards from many reputable merchants and timber suppliers. Please visit our Where to Buy page if you’d like to see where DeckWright Anti-Slip is available for sale.

Why You Need DeckWright Anti-Slip

All timber decking becomes very slippery when wet, increasing the risk of injury. Anti-slip or non-slip decking is grooved timber decking enhanced to provide a secure grip, even during the biggest downpour. A professional solution, fully tested anti-slip decking provides peace of mind for those that wish to enjoy the appeal of a natural timber surface, without the risk of slip-ups.

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