Why timber decks get slippery when wet

a close up on non slip decking

“It won’t happen to my decking! I’ll just keep it really clean and it will never become slippery.”

If only that could be true. The fact is that all timber decks are at risk of becoming slippery, regardless of how well you look after them. It’s not down to size or type of timber used either. Nor is it down to the specification of the decking board. Quite simply, timber decks can become slippery when wet. Fact.

But there are so many positive reasons to use timber decking as an outdoor surface:

  • It can look fantastic
  • It can be very cost effective
  • Raised decking can be a great solution for uneven ground
  • Timber is a more environmentally friendly and sustainable product
  • Timber is very strong
  • Decking is a long lasting solution when treated and fitted correctly

So timber decks are certainly here to stay. We take you back to the slippery question though.

Where’s the grip?

Timber deck boards have a smooth surface – the very nature of cut wood is its smooth feel. Shoes and feet can perform perfectly well on this smooth timber surface when it is clean and dry. But we live in unpredictable weather times and even in the height of the summer we can experience an ungamely downpour. Originally, grooves were routed into timber decks to offer subtle grip when conditions demanded it. But the effectiveness of grooves alone is limited to say the least. Timber needs to have more grip than this if it is not to become slippery.

When it rains…

Following or during a downpour, or even after a heavy dew, moisture creates a thin, slippery layer between shoe and timber. It now becomes a game of luck as to whether we slip on the surface or not. Good balance can help as can walking steadily and not running. But the risk is high at the point when timber decks are wet.

When it gets dirty or leaves fall…

Sweeping your decking regularly can reduce the build-up of dirt, grime, algae and dead leaves – all factors that can increase the risk of slipping. It can creep up on us though and an accident can happen before we get round to a decent brush.

The solution is DeckWright

Thoroughly tested and approved, DeckWright Anti-Slip robustly resolves the issue, whether in a commercial or domestic location. Start with timber decking that had been enhanced with DeckWright or opt for DeckWright Inserts if your decking is already laid. The result is the same – a professional solution to a slippery problem that is important not to overlook.

If you’d like more information on how DeckWright Anti-Slip can reduce the risk of timber decks becoming slippery, please browse our website or get in touch with your specific queries – we’d be very happy to help you.

Why You Need DeckWright Anti-Slip

All timber decking becomes very slippery when wet, increasing the risk of injury. Anti-slip or non-slip decking is grooved timber decking enhanced to provide a secure grip, even during the biggest downpour. A professional solution, fully tested anti-slip decking provides peace of mind for those that wish to enjoy the appeal of a natural timber surface, without the risk of slip-ups.

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